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Youth goes green.
Do you think green?
Climate change, scarcity of resources, eco destruction, are some of the challenges which we face every day.
Youthinkgreen aims to educate the youth from all over the world on these sustainable and environmental challenges.
You think green - former known as jugend denkt um um.welt - serves as an international exchange and knowledge platform for young people.
We strive to open eyes for living conditions in developing, emerging and industrial countries and our main goal is the development of sustainable projects to combat climate change.
Former German Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel; the executive secretary of the UNFCCC, Christiana Figures as well as the former president and member of the European Parliament, Dr. Hans - Gert Pöttering are patrons of our project.

In the sustainable compendium "Tree of Hope" young people report on their actions for a better world. 80 well known experts, for example Prof. Dr. Schellnhuber, Dr. Auma Obama and Prof. Dr. Weizsäcker, illuminate the current discourse of the climate policy.

The pupils and students of youthinkgreen are  developing ideas for sustainable water usage, installing solar systems or initiating a project to avoid plastic bags.
Tasks are formulated in each chapter and useful questions are asked-tried-tested and implemented.
Each step is explained as a continuous column “knowledge - underestand - act!”.

Attached are a DVD, a documentary film and 5 environmental spots, created by youthinkgreeners.

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Download a free to use english or spanish PDF version of the book “Tree of Hope” (50 MB) (recommendation by the German government) (Amazon Hardcover)

Ashraf Sobhy COY17
Jasmine Fuad HelmutCOY17

In the past, we had more than 200 climate ambassadors who were active in 31 countries with one goal; Saving earth!

Currently, an active member of our youthinkgreen family, youthinkgreen Egypt is part of the organising team of the Conference of youth (COY17) summit 2022. COY17 is an annual event under the banner of YOUNGGO, the Official Youth Constituency of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

This years event is hosted in Sharm Elsheikh, Egypt, on the sidelines of the 27th session of the Conference of the Parties (COP27).

Helmut Spiering, Founder and President of Youthinkgreen, presents the Tree of Hope with Ashraf Sobhy, Egyptian Minister of Youth and Sport at the COY17 Summit. Jasmine Fuad, Egyptian Minister of Enviroment holding the book Tree of Hope. Helmut Spiering`s opening speech at COY17, assisted by Amr Selem from youthingreen Egypt.

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The Youthinkgreen World Summit in Berlin and the Tree of Hope.

One of our projects is the environmental spot screenplay program. It is led by director and writer Thomas Frick. The idea of this program is to show young people how commercials work and enable them to express their own ideas for a better world on film. This was the starting signal for the Jugend denkt um.welt initiative.
(Click on the images below to watch)
Until now young authors on four continents have developed over 500 screenplay ideas. Some of them were filmed with well known German actors such as Jessica Schwarz, Josefine Preuss, Detlev Buck or Didi Hallervorden.

(watch the full youthinkgreen history on Vimeo)


Youthinkgreen likes to work with strong symbols to create interest in sustainability.

Examples are “The Green Tread” and “The Tree of Hope”.

Click on the images for more information.

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The Team


Helmut Spiering, Initiator and CEO

Tel.: 0049 030 23941540
Mail: spiering (at)


Thomas Frick, Co-Founder and Deputy Chairman, writer and director


Alexander Martens, Treasurer and Board member

Mail: martens (at)

Previous actions:

Foreword by Dr. Angela Merkel, former Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany, for the
book “Treeof Hope”:
The belief that a great deal can be achieved with limited resources is also a guiding principle behind the youth initiative youthinkgreen - jugend denkt um.welt.
For some years now, this initiative promotes greater sustainability and environmental awareness. Its work is based on a simple concept: bringing together children and young people. They develop their own ideas, proposals and strategies and then work together to put them into reality. The Tree of Hope book is an impressive record of these activities.
The contributions present diverse analyses, ideas for solutions and pioneering
projects. They send positive signals for the commitment of today's young generation to act now for generations to come.

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